Discover a Twist on the Traditional

Free your sense of style with mix-and-match birdcage and twisted wire designs; the Normandy collection adds timeless warmth to any décor. The twist and birdcage details on the handles and pulls make it a perfect fit for Old World and vintage farmhouse style kitchen and baths. Backed by our limited lifetime guarantee, each piece of hardware in the Normandy range is finely crafted for durability and timeless functionality. You're sure to enjoy the collection for days and years to come.

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  1. Mushroom Knob
    Mushroom Knob
    Retail Price $11.34
  2. Ring Knob
    Ring Knob
    Retail Price $12.92
  3. Normandy D Pull
    Normandy D Pull
    Retail Price $11.71
  4. Normandy Twist Pull
    Normandy Twist Pull
    Retail Price $9.92
  5. Andelle Drop Pull
    Andelle Drop Pull
    Retail Price $11.81
  6. Fixed Norman Crest Pull
    Fixed Norman Crest Pull
    Retail Price $14.07
  7. Flower Knob
    Flower Knob
    Retail Price $12.92
  8. Flower Twist Knob
    Flower Twist Knob
    Retail Price $11.50
  9. Knob Backplate
    Knob Backplate
    Retail Price $8.51
  10. Normandy Knob
    Normandy Knob
    Retail Price $12.08
  11. Orne Drop Pull
    Orne Drop Pull
    Retail Price $25.31
  12. Oval Large Twist Knob
    Oval Large Twist Knob
    Out of stock
  13. Oval Small Twist Knob
    Oval Small Twist Knob
    Out of stock
  14. Pull Backplate
    Pull Backplate
    Retail Price $8.51
  15. Round Large Twist Knob
    Round Large Twist Knob
    Retail Price $11.76
  16. Round Small Twist Knob
    Round Small Twist Knob
    Retail Price $8.51
  17. S-Shaped Knob
    S-Shaped Knob
    Retail Price $23.15
  18. Smooth Ring
    Smooth Ring
    Retail Price $8.72
  19. Square Twist D Pull
    Square Twist D Pull
    Retail Price $11.55
  20. Square Twist T-Handle
    Square Twist T-Handle
    Retail Price $21.05
  21. Step Knob
    Step Knob
    Retail Price $12.44
  22. T-Shaped Twist Knob
    T-Shaped Twist Knob
    Retail Price $23.15
  23. Thin Twist D Pull
    Thin Twist D Pull
    Retail Price $9.14
  24. Twist Drop Pull
    Twist Drop Pull
    Retail Price $11.81
  25. Twist Ring
    Twist Ring
    Retail Price $10.03
  26. Twisted Bar Pull
    Twisted Bar Pull
    Retail Price $34.44
  27. Twisted Wire D Pull
    Twisted Wire D Pull
    Retail Price $9.35
  28. Twisted Wire Drop Pull
    Twisted Wire Drop Pull
    Retail Price $8.61
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28 Items

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