Hand Finished Solid Cast Bronze

Influenced by the past, each unique piece in the Aspen collection is crafted with tradition yet is surprisingly affordable. Leading the design of this collection are the hand-applied finishes in varying cast bronze tones including Light Bronze, Mahogany Bronze, Medium Bronze, and Silicon Bronze Light. Aspen's style speaks to rustic and country interiors, whether installed on the kitchen or bathroom cabinets. This range possesses an artisan-made look that melds beautifully with today's natural wood cabinetry. Think mountain lodge or vintage farmhouse.

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  1. Aspen Button Knob
    Aspen Button Knob
    Retail Price $26.62
  2. Aspen Cup Pull
    Aspen Cup Pull
    Retail Price $41.90
  3. Aspen Flat Sided Knob
    Aspen Flat Sided Knob
    Retail Price $28.82
  4. Aspen Flat Sided Pull
    Aspen Flat Sided Pull
    Retail Price $27.56
  5. Aspen Flower Backplate
    Aspen Flower Backplate
    Retail Price $10.45
  6. Aspen Large Egg Knob
    Aspen Large Egg Knob
    Retail Price $30.82
  7. Aspen Large Potato Knob
    Aspen Large Potato Knob
    Retail Price $29.93
  8. Aspen Oval Backplate
    Aspen Oval Backplate
    Retail Price $16.01
  9. Aspen Peak Knob
    Aspen Peak Knob
    Retail Price $23.84
  10. Aspen Rectangle Backplate
    Aspen Rectangle Backplate
    Retail Price $10.45
  11. Aspen Round Backplate
    Aspen Round Backplate
    Retail Price $10.82
  12. Aspen Round Knob
    Aspen Round Knob
    Retail Price $22.42
  13. Aspen Rounded Pull
    Aspen Rounded Pull
    Retail Price $27.93
  14. Aspen Small Egg Knob
    Aspen Small Egg Knob
    Retail Price $25.15
  15. Aspen Small Potato Knob
    Aspen Small Potato Knob
    Retail Price $25.25
  16. Aspen Square Backplate
    Aspen Square Backplate
    Retail Price $10.82
  17. Aspen Square Knob
    Aspen Square Knob
    Retail Price $19.79
  18. Aspen Twig Pull
    Aspen Twig Pull
    Retail Price $25.04
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18 Items

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