Not Too Modern, Not Too Traditional – Fits Just Right

The Chareau® collection is about taking transitional design to perfection. The clean lines of the pulls and knobs are classically traditional in shape while offering an updated, modern design that will work in any setting. For those who love an edgy, glamorous styling, the Emerald pulls and knobs offer an attractive solution with gem-like facets true to its moniker. Each piece in the Chareau® collection is finished in one of our many fine finishes and made to last even with daily use in the busiest households.

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  1. Chalet Knob
    Chalet Knob
    Retail Price $7.55
  2. Chalet Pull
    Chalet Pull
    Retail Price $10.60
  3. CHAREAU® D Pull
    CHAREAU® D Pull
    Retail Price $17.00
  4. CHAREAU® T-Handle
    CHAREAU® T-Handle
    Retail Price $15.70
  5. Crystal Emerald Knob
    Crystal Emerald Knob
    Retail Price $24.50
  6. Emerald Knob
    Emerald Knob
    Retail Price $6.70
  7. Emerald Pull
    Emerald Pull
    Retail Price $10.70
  8. Reeded Knob
    Reeded Knob
    Retail Price $7.30
  9. Reeded Pull
    Reeded Pull
    Retail Price $10.60
  10. Shrewsbury D Pull
    Shrewsbury D Pull
    Retail Price $10.55
  11. Shrewsbury Knob
    Shrewsbury Knob
    Retail Price $15.15
  12. Shrewsbury Small T-Handle
    Shrewsbury Small T-Handle
    Retail Price $15.40
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12 Items

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