Olde World Artistry

Nothing evokes old-world artistry and craftsmanship like the rustic solid brass and hammered iron details of our exceptional Britannia collection. Available in traditional and contemporary finishes, these pieces can give any space a carefully crafted look. From the Versailles pull's French-style center twist in Dark Antique Brass to the Tudor Rings decorous detailed vertical ring with intricate backplate, the individual pieces of this collection create a striking visual. When coordinated with natural wood or painted wood cabinetry, the effect is beyond impressive.

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  1. Empress Knob
    Empress Knob
    Retail Price $13.85
  2. Ascot Knob
    Ascot Knob
    Retail Price $16.20
  3. Britannia Square Knob
    Britannia Square Knob
    Retail Price $11.55
  4. Canterbury Knob
    Canterbury Knob
    Retail Price $5.75
  5. Channel Pull
    Channel Pull
    Retail Price $18.85
  6. Devon Knob
    Devon Knob
    Retail Price $14.10
  7. Eton Pull
    Eton Pull
    Retail Price $9.75
  8. Inset Cup Pull
    Inset Cup Pull
    Retail Price $16.40
  9. London Knob
    London Knob
    Retail Price $15.05
  10. Oxford Pull
    Oxford Pull
    Retail Price $10.35
  11. Paris Knob Mottled
    Paris Knob Mottled
    Retail Price $17.20
  12. Paris Knob Smooth
    Paris Knob Smooth
    Retail Price $15.80
  13. Square Inset Knob
    Square Inset Knob
    Retail Price $13.95
  14. Square Inset Pull
    Square Inset Pull
    Retail Price $19.85
  15. Tudor Ring Horizontal
    Tudor Ring Horizontal
    Retail Price $10.05
  16. Tudor Ring Vertical
    Tudor Ring Vertical
    Retail Price $10.35
  17. Versailles Pull
    Versailles Pull
    Retail Price $39.90
  18. Versailles Strike Plate
    Versailles Strike Plate
    Retail Price $14.15
  19. Versailles T-Handle
    Versailles T-Handle
    Retail Price $21.45
  20. Warwick Fixed Pull
    Warwick Fixed Pull
    Retail Price $24.00
  21. Warwick Knob
    Warwick Knob
    Retail Price $12.70
  22. Warwick Vertical Latch
    Warwick Vertical Latch
    Retail Price $24.00
  23. Wedge Pull
    Wedge Pull
    Retail Price $7.90
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23 Items

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