Ribbon & Reed and Regal Detailing

Discover a twist on the traditional that will delight in decorative details. The Edwardian collection features distinctive ribbon & reed styling. With pieces in various designs and functions, this collection is sure to speak to your stylish side. You'll find pulls, cup pulls, appliance pulls, and knobs in a range of bright finishes such as Brushed Bronze, German Bronze, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Pewter Antique, Tuscan Bronze, Brushed Satin Nickel, Polished Chrome, and Polished Nickel.

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  1. Bow Pull
    Bow Pull
    Retail Price $9.82
  2. Bow Pull 3 3/4 Inch (c-c)
    Bow Pull 3 3/4 Inch (c-c)
    Retail Price $12.39
  3. Beaded Knob
    Beaded Knob
    Retail Price $13.02
  4. Grace Pull
    Grace Pull
    Retail Price $11.81
  5. Lund Knob
    Lund Knob
    Retail Price $11.71
  6. Rue Pull
    Rue Pull
    Retail Price $13.13
  7. Edwardian Pull
    Edwardian Pull
    Retail Price $7.46
  8. Emboss Knob
    Emboss Knob
    Retail Price $12.92
  9. Link Pull
    Link Pull
    Retail Price $11.13
  10. Lund Pull
    Lund Pull
    Retail Price $14.60
  11. Ribbon & Reed Cup Pull
    Ribbon & Reed Cup Pull
    Retail Price $19.27
  12. Ribbon & Reed D Pull
    Ribbon & Reed D Pull
    Retail Price $19.27
  13. Ribbon & Reed Drop Pull
    Ribbon & Reed Drop Pull
    Retail Price $22.47
  14. Ribbon & Reed Knob
    Ribbon & Reed Knob
    Retail Price $10.66
  15. Ribbon & Reed T-Pull
    Ribbon & Reed T-Pull
    Retail Price $19.37
  16. Ribbon Knob
    Ribbon Knob
    Retail Price $11.60
  17. Star Knob
    Star Knob
    Retail Price $12.71
  18. Straight Pull
    Straight Pull
    Retail Price $12.23
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18 Items

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