Classic Charm Meets Modern Flair

The Devon collection is inspired by the character of harbor towns and villages of Devon County in southwest England. It is a blend of transitional decorative pieces where classic charm meets modern flair. Including knobs, pulls, and appliance pulls from five series, the Devon collection blends seamlessly into any design. Made with the highest quality materials, Devon pieces have an industrial yet classic appeal to them. They easily blend with modern styles for a truly versatile kitchen or bath design.

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  1. Brixton Backplate
    Brixton Backplate
    Retail Price $2.68
  2. Brixton Button Knob
    Brixton Button Knob
    Retail Price $9.14
  3. Brixton Pull
    Brixton Pull
    Retail Price $13.23
  4. Brixton Ridged Knob
    Brixton Ridged Knob
    Retail Price $9.24
  5. Brixton Rimmed Knob
    Brixton Rimmed Knob
    Retail Price $9.24
  6. Exeter Pull
    Exeter Pull
    Retail Price $11.81
  7. Kingsbridge Knob
    Kingsbridge Knob
    Retail Price $8.87
  8. Kingsbridge Pull
    Kingsbridge Pull
    Retail Price $13.81
  9. Torbay Pull
    Torbay Pull
    Retail Price $11.92
  10. Allington Knob
    Allington Knob
    Retail Price $8.66
  11. Allington Pull
    Allington Pull
    Retail Price $11.92
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